Timeline 2021 Sponsorship

Want to be a Sponsor for TIMELINE 2021?
September 23, 24, 25, 2020
at the Hilton Garden Inn, South Padre Island, Texas
Sponsors: Please help support these educational endeavors

Here’s the what’s, why’s and how’s:

WHAT can you sponsor and the different options to choose from:

1. Sponsor a Coffee break:
a. There are four coffee breaks during the seminar.
b. We will need at least six sponsors per coffee break.
c. The cost will be $350.00 per sponsor.

2. Sponsor: Wednesday Evening Beachside Reception/Networking Session (includes open bar and catering)
a. We will need at least four sponsors
b. The cost will be $1,000.00 each.

3. Sponsor for Thursday Evening Catering
a. We will need at least six sponsors.
b. The cost will be $575.00 each.

4. Sponsor for Thursday Evening Beachside Reception/Networking Session (Open Bar)
a. We will need at least four sponsors.
b. The cost will be $575.00 each.

WHY should you be a sponsor:

  • We will announce our gratitude at the beginning of the seminar and stress to the seminar registrants to support the sponsors and add to their bidders list.
  • The sponsor name will be displayed on the event that you are sponsoring.
  • Your information such as your company name, contact person, and products and service will be part of the participants binder. Thus, everyone registered, will have your company data.
  • A list of all participants will be available to you no additional cost.
  • All Sponsors of $575.00 or more: You may request a table to display your products during the seminar, but it depends on the availability of tables and spaces. There is a table fee of $25.00. Please contact Adrian Garcia at office@ismrgv.org for availability.
  • You are automatically invited to be our guests to our two Beachside Receptions/Networking Sessions on Wednesday and Thursday Evening.

How to register as a sponsor by simply clicking the Forms link below.

  1. Sponsorship Packet: Print the Sponsorship Packet, check the desired sponsor event on invoice, and mail this invoice with remittance to the address indicated.
  2. Sponsor Data Sheet: Simply do this sheet on-line and we’ll have all the data we need.


For any additional information please feel free to call or email:
Adrian Garcia, at office@ismrgv.org, Phone 956-266-2606
Melonie Perry at melonie.perry@tasb.org Phone 1-512-483-7127


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