Roundup Sponsorship

Want to be a Sponsor for The Procurement Round Up 2019?

DECEMBER 5 & 6, 2019
The Menger Hotel, San Antonio, Texas

Here’s the what’s, why’s and how’s:
WHAT can you sponsor and the different options to choose from:

1. Sponsor a Coffee break:

a. There are four coffee breaks during the seminar.
b. We will need at least six sponsors per coffee break.
c. The cost will be $200.00 per sponsor.

2. Sponsor: Thursday Evening Reception/Networking Session-Catering

a. We will need at least four sponsors
b. The cost will be $350.00 each.

3. Sponsor for Thursday Evening Reception/Networking Session-Open Bar

a. We will need at least four sponsors.
b. The cost will be $350.00 each.

WHY should you be a sponsor:

  1. We will announce our gratitude at the beginning of the seminar and stress to the seminar registrants to support the sponsors and add to their bidders list.
  2. The sponsor name will be displayed on the event that you are sponsoring.
  3. Your information such as your company name, contact person, and products and service will be part of the participants binder. Thus, everyone registered, will have your company data.
  4. A list of all participants will be available to you no additional cost. For funding, see
  5. All sponsors of $350.00 or more: You may request a table to display your products during the seminar, but it depends on the availability of tables and spaces. Please contact Adrian Garcia at for availability.
  6. You are automatically invited to be our guests to our Thursday Evening Reception/Networking Session.

HOW to register as a sponsor: Go To Forms Page or Download forms below.

  1. Sponsor Packet: You click on the PDF button, print the form, check the desired sponsor event, and mail this invoice with remittance to the address indicated.
  2. Sponsor Data Sheet: Simply submit this sheet on-line and we’ll have all the data we need.

For any additional information please feel free to call or email:
Adrian Garcia, at,  Phone: 956-266-2606
Melonie Perry at Phone 1-512-483-7127