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W-1   Legislation class: Latest developments-new bills affecting public purchasing

W-2a   Covid-19 purchasing reaction-“Are they all emergency purchases?”

W-3   Feds want to know why than what method used

W-4   Communication skills-up or down or both


T-6A Developing a contract and how to monitor it T-6B Administration of Purchase Orders
T-7A DIR—The only source for Technology purchases T-7B Proper Procedure in Evaluations and Steps to Approved Successful Vendor
T-8A Chemicals, diseases, viruses—Can purchasing stop these? T-8B How to buy cell phones for your entity
T-9A Ethics T-9B A partnership between a public entity and a private company
T-10A Specifications—how to start T-10B Coops—Use them to save time and money
T-11A Consultants of professional services—Why do RFP’s T-11B


Bid-Rigging and other antitrust violations: Don’t be a victim
T-12A Covid-19 mental or physical T-12B Construction purchasing 101


F-13a   The affects of Internet buying—IS IT legal?  Where are the locals, are we buying the same products? 

F-13b internal controls—accounting Vs.  purchasing

F-14b Headline News Articles